OL 2020 - Softball - Kvinner 07/27 10:58 - Japan kvinner v USA kvinner 2-0
OL 2020 - Softball - Kvinner 07/26 00:57 - Japan kvinner v USA kvinner 1-0
OL 2020 - Softball - Kvinner 07/25 06:07 - Canada kvinner v Japan kvinner 0-0
OL 2020 - Softball - Kvinner 07/22 02:51 - Mexico kvinner v Japan kvinner 2-3
OL 2020 - Softball - Kvinner 07/20 23:58 - Australia kvinner v Japan kvinner 1-8
Olympic Qualifiers 07/09 17:10 - Japan kvinner v USA kvinner 2-1

The Japan women's national softball team is the national team of Japan in international softball competitions. It is governed by the Japan Softball Association. They are currently ranked #2 in the world by the International Softball Federation. In four Olympic Games, since 1996 until 2008, Japan has won one gold medal, a silver medal and a bronze medal. In the top four nations at the Olympics, Japan is the second most successful national team (winning three medals), following the United States (four medals, three gold and a silver), and beating out Australia (also four medals out of which three were bronze and one silver) and China with one silver medal. After winning the gold medal at the 2008 Summer Olympics, the Japanese national team was defeated by the United States team at the XII Women's Softball World Championship in Caracas, Venezuela.